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Welcome to Haven Gynmasium

The Haven Gymnasium was established in Haycroft Avenue, Grimsby in 1980. It was previously known as the Star Gym in Cleethorpes and operated there successfully for twenty years before moving to its present location.

Some of the members have been training with us since the very early Star Gym days and are still enjoying good health and fitness. Many even compete at National and International competitions in weightlifling, as well as in a variety of other weight training assisted sports. Proof of how following the correct training principles and looking after yourself can assist in the development and maintenance of a strong, healthy and well-balanced body.

The Haven Gymnasium is part of a larger weight-liftng organisation, The International All-Round Weightlifting Association (IAWA), with members mainly in England, Scotland, USA, Australia and New Zealand. For a full history visit 'The History of IAWA (UK)'.

Getting The Most From Your Training

At Haven Gym our coaches use weight training to assist our members to achieve any or all of the following: Havengym3
  1. Develop basic fitness
  2. Increase heart and lung capacity (aerobics)
  3. Build strength
  4. Develop Power
  5. Develop endurance
  6. Give sport specific training to enhance ability in any sport
  7. Train for all areas of Weightlifting (Olympic, Power & All Round Lifting)
  8. Assist flexibility
  9. Tone and shape the body
  10. Help in the repair of damaged muscles and aid correct posture

When you first start with us at the gym, we will ask you what you wish to achieve by training and then guide you towards your target, working with you to develop the best exercise routines to suit your individual needs.

If you are already involved in training for another sport, we will do our best to work with you to enhance your performance further.

To be most effective training should be done at least three times a week, but we'll still be happy to help if you can't manage this. Although, of course, your progress will be slower, but we believe 'slow progress' is better than 'no progress'.

Email enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.